R5's Little Sister by AMarieV1
R5's Little Sister by AMarieV1 Fanfiction
What would happen if R5 had a little sister? What if she ran away? What would happen to R5? What would happen to her? Follow R5's little sister Riley on the adventure sh...
yours. a raura story by r5bish
yours. a raura story by r5bish Fanfiction
laura's sister, vanessa, wins a date with the famous ross lynch but she ende up giving it to laura. laura is a nineteen year old, with a three year old beautiful girl. w...
R5's little sister  by soytumblr
R5's little sister by ... Fanfiction
Rosie is the youngest of the lynch family. Here's an account of her experiences and life being apart of the lynch family. (I take no credit for the photos however all ph...
The Agreement | Raura  by alyssa13555
The Agreement | Raura by Alyssa Fanfiction
"You want me to do what!?" "Please Laura. I need you to do this for me!" "Why me? Why not one of your other girl friends?" "Well, uh...
Firefly || Raura by hastagraura
Firefly || Raura by yoursTRULY Fanfiction
"You're like a firefly, you light up my darkness." A Uncharitable Entrepreneur, A optimistic young woman, And one unexpected surprise.
After All... |a Raura fanfic| by rausllybear
After All... |a Raura fanfic| by #adorkable Fanfiction
you think falling in love is about holding on. but it's not. it's about gripping the edge of the world and letting go finger by finger. // -The Universe Of Us
Master by ashelyfab
Master by Ashely Lopez Fanfiction
Everyone listens to him but her. Why? He wonders what is it about him that makes her rebell against him. When she refuses to take responsibility one night, he turns her...
The Austin and Ally Movie × raura  by lovinraura_
The Austin and Ally Movie × raura by ShorsMarie♡ Romance
Remember the Austin and Ally movie we didn't get? How'd it be like if we did get it? Fans were furious over Disney not making an Austin and Ally movie so they decided t...
Instagram (Harry Styles y tú)  by monserrat_Styles_
Instagram (Harry Styles y tú) by La _tanga _del_Jarry Romance
Harry styles y ___ Brown se conocieron por una red social llamada "Instagram " y se enamoran poco a poco ¿Será que ellos se conocerán? ¿Serán felices? Descú...
YouTube Love by lostgirl619
YouTube Love by TheFanFic Girl Fanfiction
Ross lynch, a famous singer and pranker you tuber .He is 17 years old,he signs up for a youtube show, that you have to show one of your YouTube vids to get in. And gets...
Romeo's Balcony (raura) by rosslauramoon
Romeo's Balcony (raura) by R.l Moon Fanfiction
Highest rank #146 fanfiction/ #312 Romance Ross lynch was always the guy who girls fall inlove with, laura marano was always the girl to come for love advice. They have...
R5 Preferences by rockyscactus
He made it better (Raura) by Raurauslly1995
He made it better (Raura) by Raura shipper Fanfiction
Laura Marie Marano, a simple yet misunderstood girl who lives in LA, goes to Marino High School, senior, but she's living a horrible life. Her mother left her at 5 years...
RAURA/AUSLLY SMUT by inyia_marie
This is a book of raura and auslly SMUT Shits juicy Enjoy!
Immortal Love by abbs_4234
Immortal Love by Abby●◇● Vampire
| HIGHEST RANK: #56 in Vampire on 2/14/17 | She was the girl everyone loved. She was also the girl everyone wished to be. But everyone has their secrets and dark pasts...
Age Is Overrated-Ross Lynch/r5 by -IWannaSeeYouSmile
Age Is Overrated-Ross Lynch/r5 by -IWannaSeeYouSmile Fanfiction
Natalie is 16 years old. She lives in a small town in Ohio and doesn't have too many friends. She's in love with r5. She knows everything about them. When her mom gets r...
Little Miss Lynch by zoevogue
Little Miss Lynch by zoe💫 Teen Fiction
Reese Rain Lynch isn't just your average fourteen year old girl, in fact she was special in many ways. One including her surname, Lynch. Yes indeed she was a Lynch, th...
My First Love (Ross Lynch Fanfic) by cr8zy4u
My First Love (Ross Lynch Fanfic) by cr8zy4u Romance
Haley Johnson, the new face of Palm High, even though it's her last year. Once she met Ross Lynch, everything turned upside down. Start thinking about the craziest thing...
Bringing the family back together [editing] by lyrixio
Bringing the family back together... by Harmony🎶 Fanfiction
Laura & Ross were happy together having everything they wanted. Kids, happiness eachother. But soon enough Laura & Ross split apart taking one of the kids with them. Wil...
Raura stories by rydelellington
Raura stories by rydelellington Romance
You'll never be bored when you read about Raura. Their life is full of love, arguments and hard decisions. Don't miss!!!