Masked Lynch by demonic_fangirl
Masked Lynch by Isabella Renee Fanfiction
"Sometimes we hide behind masks because we want to protect ourselves."
Reputation  by hastagraura
Reputation by yoursTRULY Fanfiction
Laura Marano is far from invisible. Actually she's pretty popular. Just not in the way anybody would want to be popular She's the laughing stock of the school, The Hanna...
My Teacher by xTheDorkyRomanticx
My Teacher by xTheDorkyRomanticx Fanfiction
Laura Marano is a shy girl, she doesn't like to socialize, she likes to stay to herself. The reason? No one really knows. But on the first day back to school she got all...
Immortal Love by abbs_4234
Immortal Love by Abby●◇● Vampire
| HIGHEST RANK: #56 in Vampire on 2/14/17 | She was the girl everyone loved. She was also the girl everyone wished to be. But everyone has their secrets and dark pasts...
R5's Little Sister by AMarieV1
R5's Little Sister by AMarieV1 Fanfiction
What would happen if R5 had a little sister? What if she ran away? What would happen to R5? What would happen to her? Follow R5's little sister Riley on the adventure sh...
Faded Trusts by rauralove_4227
Faded Trusts by rauralove_ Fanfiction
When Ross goes on tour and comes back with a girlfriend, Laura is devastated. Love and betrayal occur and people are left heartbroken.
He made it better (Raura) by Raurauslly1995
He made it better (Raura) by Raura shipper Fanfiction
Laura Marie Marano, a simple yet misunderstood girl who lives in LA, goes to Marino High School, senior, but she's living a horrible life. Her mother left her at 5 years...
Beyond The Camera  by R5_fan_maddie
Beyond The Camera by Maddie lewandowski Fanfiction
What happens when their "i love you"s actually mean something? Book cover by: badassLaur
Player vs Me | Raura by raurauslly2011
Player vs Me | Raura by ⊱BTS⊰ Romance
Player Vs Me; Laura knows everything about loving a bad boy. She's experienced it herself. So when she keeps getting involved with the school's player, she couldn't be...
Our Little Secret | R5 by Rossspinkunderwear
Our Little Secret | R5 by Rossspinkunderwear Fanfiction
"Shes sort of...our little secret.."
StarStruck ; raura [completed] by Blonde-Brunette-Love
StarStruck ; raura [completed] by rosii Fanfiction
a story in which a girl falls for a music sensation and a music sensation falls for her Copyright © 2013 Blonde-Brunette-Love
I fell in love with my neighbour • bts v by kookietaedoolyy
I fell in love with my neighbour •... by was ||kookietaedoolyy|| Fanfiction
Do you know when one experience in life can change everything about you? Kim Taehyung is the most famous cold kingka in the school. As in cold, I meant ice cold. He neve...
*Editing* Hating on my Co-Star (Raura Fanfiction) by TheHipsterNotebook
*Editing* Hating on my Co-Star (Ra... by TheHipsterNotebook Fanfiction
She had a dream, so she fought for it and made it come true. What she didn't know was that with the dream, her biggest problem came along. Or probably just something s...
The Homewrecker *Rourtney & Raura Fanfiction* by lalamarano
The Homewrecker *Rourtney & Raura... by ❤Bri❤ Fanfiction
Ross is a singer, Courtney is a model but, Laura is a singer and she met Ross because she was opening up a concert for him. sparks flew between them two, what will happe...
Instagram (Harry Styles y tú)  by monserrat_Styles_
Instagram (Harry Styles y tú) by La _tanga _del_Jarry Romance
Harry styles y ___ Brown se conocieron por una red social llamada "Instagram " y se enamoran poco a poco ¿Será que ellos se conocerán? ¿Serán felices? Descú...
Substitute Father (Ross Lynch) by Writing_Babe
Substitute Father (Ross Lynch) by Rachel Fanfiction
When Skylar Evans discovers that her boyfriend of two years has been cheating on her, she thought that would the only surprise in store. Fast forward a month, and Skylar...
Raura One-Shots  by R5_fan_maddie
Raura One-Shots by Maddie lewandowski Fanfiction
These are just little stories I wrote.
Another Lynch (R5 Sister Story) by Lucyboo101
Another Lynch (R5 Sister Story) by BRoast Fanfiction
Ryan Lynch is R5's little sister. She hates it. Hates the fame. Hates the tours. Hates the unfair treatment. But mostly hates the comparison to her siblings. Can she con...
R5's little sister  by soytumblr
R5's little sister by ... Fanfiction
Rosie is the youngest of the lynch family. Here's an account of her experiences and life being apart of the lynch family. (I take no credit for the photos however all ph...
Miles Apart *Raura Fanfiction* by lalamarano
Miles Apart *Raura Fanfiction* by ❤Bri❤ Fanfiction
Laura and Ross have been best friends since 2011 at the Austin & Ally auditions after the show ended in January 10, 2016 they both had to go their own ways. with Ross to...