Find me, then love me by WillowTree8
Find me, then love meby WillowTree8
Harry is turning 16 and will soon be coming into his inheritance. Draco is a vela and is looking for his mate, but what happens when he finally finds them.
  • evildumbledore
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  • mates
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A ferret in my house A drarry story by DanielleMalfoy394
A ferret in my house A drarry storyby DanielleMalfoy394
What happens when Draco has magically turned into a ferret and Harry's cousin Dudley takes him home as a pet?? Will Harry be able to save Draco before Dudley starves him...
  • completed
  • malfoy
  • boyxboy
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Daddys little boy (Drarry) {DDLB} by UniKitty321
Daddys little boy (Drarry) {DDLB}by UniKitty
this is a ddlb story (daddy Dom little boy.) Daddy Draco Little Harry. Harry has had the little space since he can remember. though he never knew what it actually was...
  • littleharry
  • harrypotter
  • drarry
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Married And Pregnet(Drarry){mpreg} by UniKitty321
Married And Pregnet(Drarry){mpreg}by UniKitty
After a one night stand, where draco is sexually frustrated and not sure he is gay, he gets Harry pregnant. After a one night stand, where Harry is a little vulnerable n...
  • bxb
  • gay
  • unikitty321
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Growing up //Drarry by drxrryship
Growing up //Drarryby Drarry
READ THIS!!! This is a cuteness over load of a baby Draco story just read it to find out lol. If you are looking for the cutest story you have ever read then I think yo...
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Rising Darkness (harry potter) by mudkipcookiez
Rising Darkness (harry potter)by mudkipcookiez
What if James and Lily potter were not Harry's actual parents? Harry has been lied to all his life, and now he finds out the truth. I don't own Harry Potter. None of...
  • drarry
  • evildumbledore
  • wattys2017
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Muted Love  by Kjerstimya
Muted Love by 🌸~Kjerstimya ~🌸
After his parents die, Harry Potter is left to the care of the Dursleys who do all in their power to beat the magic out of him... In result when he attends to the wizard...
  • sexualassault
  • harrypotter
  • dracoxharry
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Sex Before Love (Drarry) by ryouta_raven
Sex Before Love (Drarry)by Cat
A few years after the War of Hogwarts and the death of Lupin, Fred, and countless others, Draco and Harry run into each other at the train station, both waiting for thei...
  • draco
  • harry
  • ginnyweasley
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19 Years (HP - Drarry) by ShiloQuetchenbach
19 Years (HP - Drarry)by Whimsical Dragonette
19 years ago, something happened between Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy - but the only one who remembers is Draco himself. He plans to carry the secret to his grave, but...
  • the2017awards
  • harry
  • crowntwist
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The day I got a family by Mar7y_me
The day I got a familyby Martine
What if everything was different? What if Harry had the one thing he always wanted? A parent.
  • snape
  • drarry
  • hogwarts
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Drarry One Shots by IyolaG
Drarry One Shotsby IyolaG
One shots A little smut The more you read, the more smut I don't own any of the art used
  • oneshot
  • harryxdraco
  • harrypotter
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Songs from the dark  by Slytherinchic23
Songs from the dark by Karis
Harry Potter is not who he thinks he is, after going through a creature inheritance on the night of his 16th birthday. A trip to Gringotts reveals some huge surprises an...
  • hermionebashing
  • drarry
  • dumbledorebashing
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Drarry Trash by PunkPinkKitten
Drarry Trashby PunkPinkKitten
Yep. Like the title says. Fluff, lemon, angst, just hella cute gay Drarry.
  • harrytop
  • dracobottom
  • lemon
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Masked (HP-DRARRY) || ✔️ by Maria2allowed
Masked (HP-DRARRY) || ✔️by Maria💀🖤
Harry Potter, the boy who lived, the saviour, the brave boy. That's what they all thought. Harry Potter, the freak, broken, abused, raped, the masked boy. That's the tr...
  • abuse
  • broken
  • saving
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Entwine | DH | ✓ by siriuslymack
Entwine | DH | ✓by Mackenzie
"Well maybe you're stupider than I previously thought, Potter. You're just going to sign your life away to your former enemy and expect it to be okay?" "T...
  • harry
  • harryxdraco
  • draco
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In his shadow by MeineKeime
In his shadowby MeineKeime
Harry Potter, the second son to the Alpha James Potter and his Beta wife Lilly. He himself turns out to be a Omega, much to the displeasure of his parents. And when he...
  • harryxdraco
  • siriusxremus
  • siriusblack
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Everlasting Bond by cs68127
Everlasting Bondby PotterBlog
Since he was little, Draco has been searching for his mate. When it turns out to be Harry Potter, he tries to suppress the bond. He hated the fact that he one day would...
  • love
  • dominant
  • veela
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Dark Prince (REVISING) by Hayachin17
Dark Prince (REVISING)by SassyDevil
Harry Potter had found out the truth behind his life. Dumbledore manipulate him using as a mere weapon, the friendship of his friends Ron and Hermione were all all lies...
  • gryffindor
  • manipulativedumbledore
  • yaoi
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The Space Between Us | Drarry Fanfic | by XxPrinceAnonomousxX
The Space Between Us | Drarry Fanf...by ρяιи¢є αиσиσмσυѕ
Harry Potter was raised to believe that his mother and father were dead. What happens when he finds out that Severus was his father, and Lily was his mother? What if eve...
  • gryffindor
  • top
  • draco
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Smutty Drarry Oneshots by MuggleNerd
Smutty Drarry Oneshotsby Spoopy Slytherin
Draco. Harry. They get on in many different ways. -I take requests- -can be as kinky as you want-
  • drarry
  • drarryfanfic
  • smutwarning
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