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PsychedelicMoose By PsychedelicMoose Updated 3 years ago
    What is his name?
    Not Callumn.
    Nope, Mitch is the boy with purple hair.
    Let's not even talk about Paul.
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GO DUDE! Accept people for who they are and not those snobby ass pricks who think they own the fucking world!!!
I love this boy already. I don't normally like third person, but it works better here than it probably would in first person. The writing style is great with next to zero errors. Voted :)
no its not. i like the use of a third person. i prefer to observe people than being in their  heads.
hey, moosey.
                                    yes, i shall call you moosey.
                                    this kid sounds like me. 
                                    can he be by twinsie?
Dang it your going to make me fall in love with another of your stories.. lol thankyou
i hate how everyone looks up to the popular kids in high school