Eros's Pet Peeves

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Eros <3 By Son_Of_Aphrodite Updated 4 years ago
My pet peves, rants and many other stuff
@Son_Of_Aphrodite OMG. No way. o.o
                                    @michi1997 I didn't do it! D:
                                    I know! 
                                    It's your turn now! :3
                                    *Sits cross cross applesauce*
                                    STORY TIME! :D
                                    I WANNA BE YOUR BEST BIFFLE FRIEND! Or BBF It's like BFF but not... o.o
@Son_Of_Aphrodite Good! :D
                                    Because I was like 
                                    I don't want to be un owned! D:
                                    And then I was like
                                    I was owned? o.o
                                    And finally I was like
                                    I'll roll with it.
@Son_Of_Aphrodite Sorry, I have a tendency to only read parts of sentences... o.o
@Son_Of_Aphrodite *Innocent face* Do what? Dis own me? Doesn't that mean you ave to own me first? o.o
Make the list, man! D: 
                                    I need to see what I can do to piss you off!
                                    I mean...
                                    What not to do...
                                    *Looks around suspiciously*