Let Love Heal Prologue

Let Love Heal Prologue

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Melissa By mcollinsauthor Updated Sep 17, 2013


September 30, 1995


The I-beam swings haphazardly in the clouds.  Teetering and tottering in the crystal blue sky, it's the perfect juxtaposition of artificial and natural - steel illuminated by the sun.  Over a ton of metal effortlessly cascades through the air on the whim of a crane.  It almost looks like a graceful ballet dancer as it swirls and twists, dips and dives.  It's mesmerizing, actually.  

And then disaster strikes. 

A deafening crack of a snapped chain sounds through the once peaceful air.  The lively chatter of construction workers and architects instantly morphs into chaotic screams.  Everyone runs, seeking cover from the impending doom.  

As the massive beam plummets to the ground, people scramble, frantically grabbing others along the way to pull them to safety.  It all happens so quickly.  In the blink of an eye, it seems as if everyone will escape unscathed.

Until they don't.

The beam changes direction, up-ending itself.  Head architect, James C...