From Hurt To Loved(DISCONTINUED)

From Hurt To Loved(DISCONTINUED)

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Honeypot By pink_beats Completed

Taylor and Ty grew up together...they where both orphans with no-one to love them. When they where little Taylor got adopted and Ty ran away to live with her

Then their foster mom died and they lived with her husband. But he starts beating them. Ty starts selling drugs and now he is King-Pin living by himself in a big house and Taylor is still living with her foster dad while he beats her, but she visits Ty every night

Ty wants to kill him so bad but Taylor doesn't want Ty to get in trouble. Ty has feelings for Taylor but they dont want to mess up their relationship as friends.

Will these 2 go From Hurt To Loved? Find out


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Jayeelah Jayeelah Jul 12, 2017
And if he kills the foster dad she'll just end up in another home🙄
thtssmiahh15 thtssmiahh15 May 27, 2016
ĸnowιng мe мy drawlѕ woυld geт weт down тнere 😭😭😭тнaт aggreѕѕιve ѕнιтѕ a тυrn on .🙄
thtssmiahh15 thtssmiahh15 May 27, 2016
all ѕнe goттa do ιѕ тell тнeм  нe вeaт нer , cry , & ѕнow тнeм тнe вrυιѕeѕ 🙄
aalialexande aalialexande Dec 15, 2016
Yes, but no because that will only take Ty away from Taylor and then she'll have no one !
Ellslxve Ellslxve May 18, 2016
It's so weird I wrote a book one time and I said about a girl laying in her bed listening to same love. Great minds think alike
Ellslxve Ellslxve May 18, 2016
Leave it how it is. It's great just correct some spelling and punctuation.