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Berry. ♡ [ Kuroo x Reader ]

Berry. ♡ [ Kuroo x Reader ]

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hye By jiminbby Completed

❝you're the apple to my pie, you're the straw to my berry.❞| you're kenma's best friend and one day kenma introduced you to his teammate ( his other best friend ) his name is Kuroo Tetsurou, you began to fall for him, but its not that easy as you think. your friend who has been really nice to you, likes him a lot. will you win kuroo's heart?

Behind the scenes be liek 
                              Stage managers gives Kenma a ladder to pat on Kuroos shoulders
dinomixer dinomixer May 03
Kenma who broke your gaming console? I'm coming over hold on
                              Kenma: w-wait-
                              Me: don'tworryKenmabbyI'malreadyinthecarandI'mcurrentlypullinguponyourdriveway
                              Kenma: wait you don't even have license-
                              Me: ALL IS FAIR IF IT IS FOR THE SAKE OF MY HUSBANDOs
mekatachika mekatachika May 20
Kemna do you have a fever?! Are you sick!?! SOMEONE CALL AN AMBULANCE!!!! HEEEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!!!
dinomixer dinomixer May 03
Holy sheet Kenma are you ok? Do you want to borrow any of my gaming consoles? I'll even let you play all the visual novels that I have! Please turn back to normal ;-;
localgaytoaster localgaytoaster 2 days ago
*surrounded by Kenma's happiness* WTF IS GOING ON?!?!?!?!? The world is literally going to end, omfl... *puts bucket over head and hugs self while rocking back and forth, screeching*
QueenCraft91503 QueenCraft91503 Sep 20, 2016
The description has lyrics to the song "a Perfect Two" am I correct?