Champion of the Heart - Excerpt

Champion of the Heart - Excerpt

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Laurel O'Donnell By laurelodonnell Updated Nov 05, 2011

Fox Mercer watches in horror as his father, a noble knight, is stripped of his lands and banished into disgrace.  Fox is soon abandoned by his former noble friends, including his best friend Jordan Ruvane.  Feeling betrayed, his life takes a darker path.  Fox turns to a life of crime, hiding in the decaying ruins of a haunted castle with his gang of thieves.

Lady Jordan Ruvane hides a dark secret from her childhood, a secret that will threaten the lives of everyone she holds dear.  As she comes of marrying age, her father announces a tournament in her honor.  The winner of the tournament will earn the right to claim Jordan as his bride.  A mysterious champion clad in black armor enters the tournament, but he is after much more than just the Lady’s hand in marriage.

What happens next will change the lives of Fox Mercer and Jordan Ruvane forever.  Can Fox conquer the secrets of the past and truly become the champion of his lady’s heart?

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