I Got You, okay?

I Got You, okay?

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Dej By dejahtiller Updated Aug 27

Short Story:

Twenty-one year old,Rayelle Johnson is suddenly taken away from her parents, friends and [ex] boyfriend. 

Twenty-four year old, Bryson Tiller who "works for a special Witness Protection Program" is told to keep her safe and teach her how to protect herself. 

The two don't quite get along at first, but soon find themselves become closer and closer the more time they spend with one another.

My thing is if you have pepper spray in your purse wth you ain't use it when a stranger came up to you
t0nibae t0nibae Jul 21
At first when u said ' I look down at his private parts' I was like this is not the time for that!!!😂😂😂lol
Tia_Dope Tia_Dope Feb 01
I think they gonna end up dating even though he shouldn't but you never know 😏🤔
U know u wanted to get down on ur knees.  Lol I read that wrong at first