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You've Changed Me||ONHOLD??

You've Changed Me||ONHOLD??

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MysticRosu<3 By Rosu-chan Updated Aug 12, 2016

A human girl named Frisk, was curious about the hole on Mount Ebott. As soon as she got to the top of the mountain...she fell in. Then she will meet the creatures of the underground and maybe they might change her mind about her choice.

These characters don't belong to me. They belong to Toby Fox. I'm just using them for my story. Also in this story, Frisk and Mettaton are girls. If you don't like it, I suggest you don't read it. And if you do want to read it...why are you still reading this then?? ~Rosu-chan

"What A Child Wants The Most" huh?
                              People could never understand what a kid would want unless you were a spoiled brat -.-
Marastia Marastia Mar 02, 2016
Sucked!? It was awesome! Don't doubt yourself!when you do that you actually stop doing good...  :)
Scarlett_N Scarlett_N Oct 06, 2016
It's probably because papyrus wants to capture humans!'
                              Sans because he will take Frisk to papyrus to make him happy
LizzyTheDog12347 LizzyTheDog12347 Mar 13, 2016
No your a fellow writer!! You actually wrote an amazing first chapter!!!!
Marastia Marastia Mar 02, 2016
Soo cute! I bet she made a connection from the story to her life..
Scarlett_N Scarlett_N Oct 06, 2016
                              STAY DETERMINED
                              Frisk: woah woah woah wait.
                              Frisk: I can't Just die? It's continue or start over? WHAT THE HELL?