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Daughter of Aphrodite

Daughter of Aphrodite

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Annabeth By GreekMythologyLover Updated Aug 26, 2013

Nellape Bellaire was a normal girl. Normal life. Until the most beautiful girl she had ever seen came to her and told her who she really was. 
*The daughter of Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, desire, and beauty.*
Her father was Poseidon, God of the sea.
"My dear Nella, your father doesn't know you are his daughter. All the other gods and goddesses have kept this secret from Poseidon, your father, and Zeus. Zeus because if he found out that his daughter had a child with the his brother, who knows what he would do. You will have to try to keep this secret from everyone. And whatever you do, do not try to make contact with your father. Or me. And remember, you are a demi-goddess goddess of love, and sea.."

Just so you know, I have to twist Greek Mythology legends a little bit, but I hope you will still enjoy this story.

Cover Credit to missliterati member GwendalynNovember
Thank you! It's beautiful!
Praise for Daughter of Aphrodite.

“Your story of amazing! Definitely write more. I love the Greek mythology just like you and I think you are perfect for writing Greek mythology stories. Keep the story going because I will forever read it. Love this story!!” 

“Please write more. I love this story alot. I can’t wait for more. :)”

“I love this book because it’s a total twist on people’s (well, at least mine) perspective on how Greek mythology is. This is amazing and well written!!!!!!”

LillytheMisfit LillytheMisfit 15 hours ago
I love the thorough descriptions, it makes it super easy to visualize the characters!
Okay, here if you mean "Must I do it Athena?", you should write it like "prépei na to kánw Athiná?"
FictionalNewbie FictionalNewbie Nov 30, 2016
Wow! Do you speak Ancient Greek or Greek or are the words from a translation app? I'm just asking and do not mean to offend in any way. ^_^
zouiswifebabe zouiswifebabe Sep 14, 2016
I love the point of the story and the description, I just have a question, why is she a demi-goddess if both her parents full gods? Btw Im  new fan of this book!
tthatawkwardgirll tthatawkwardgirll Jul 17, 2016
I read your description and thought I should tell you that Aphrodite isn't the daughter of Zeus it is actually said that she is one of the oldest Greek gods and that she rose out of the ocean I'm sorry if this is annoying but I just thought that you should know
Gogo1237 Gogo1237 Dec 08, 2016
Ok I am Greek and I appreciate you trying to write in Greek but this is kinda... unreadable. Sorry😣😯