Denial (Storm and Silence fanfiction)

Denial (Storm and Silence fanfiction)

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Hiraeth By ephemeral_sonder Updated Aug 10


When Lilly receives her first paycheck, she starts wondering- what to do with the money? Besides buying chocolate, a suit that fits and getting Uncle Bufford's cane back, of course.
Lilly has already shown women are capable of working, now she's taking on another challenge: show those dratted men there's no reason women shouldn't go to college.
(Fear not, there is plenty of Lambrose :3 and a surprise appearance by... Well, I can't tell you that, can I?)

Dear ifrits,
Join me in pretending nothing bad ever happened until it's all fixed and Lilly and Rikkard are canon.
Yours in denial,

elovelyanm elovelyanm Aug 29
*imagines a stonefaced Mr Ambrose doing what you exactly what you said and then smiling contently*
                              *Slaps self*
                              That would NEVER happen. Stop dreaming
Love the cover! Looks exactly as I thought Lilly would look except Lilly has short hair
AnnWords AnnWords Nov 09
You got a brilliant idea. Education is also a best weapon of women to go higher rank in society. Lily should spend her money to go to college.
U should add pics of what u think lily n Mr. Ambrose look like 2 ur story
I really liked lilly here and it felt completely like lilly :D
Your way of writing is a bit different but its still very close to the real thing and quite well written.
                              I loved it and keep it up.