The Beautiful Hummingbird - Part I

The Beautiful Hummingbird - Part I

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LoveVincitOmnia By LoveVincitOmnia Completed

Harry Styles, one fifth of the world's most in-demand boyband, has all but given up looking for love and has, for the moment, resigned himself to enjoying his success and life alone.  Then he meets Natasha.

She is beautiful but such a closed book, more shut off than anyone he has ever met.  She gives little away vocally but through her body language her personality screams a whole load of contradictions at him.  She is an enigma, a code that he wants to break open and understand why there is something so very lonely about the beautiful girl who is so difficult to read.  

This is the simple love story of Harry and Natasha.  Simple?  Is Love Ever?

Warning: Contains mature content. 


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1Dream_1Directi0n 1Dream_1Directi0n Nov 15, 2017
His voice is slow. Very. Very. Very. Slow. Like a turtle🐢
Avonalways Avonalways Apr 10, 2017
And the angels broke out in song while the room got blindingly bright....***sigh***
thecoralanter thecoralanter Aug 06, 2017
How come they never have the name Kristen in stories? It's pretty but, not extravagant.... 😞
ohmymashton ohmymashton Dec 09, 2017
Honestly one of the most beautiful stories I’ve ever read xx
PricklyCactus1 PricklyCactus1 Jan 03, 2017
Everyone talking about how nice my name is and I'm sitting here like 🤡 I hate my name so much.
soccerina911 soccerina911 May 23, 2016
OMG MY NAME IS NATASHA!!! Lol I'll stop commenting this, but fck I can't breathe 😩😩 Really looking forward to this one!!