Code name:Cain

Code name:Cain

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Sasha By pasta_pony Updated Apr 25, 2013

Code name: Cain

New CIA Agent, Cain is standed on an island. She thinks that she can survive until control come to find her, but then their last words dawned on her.
'Your on your own...'
Oh shit.

Left to try and survive on her own, Cain searches for food and water, civilisation and a way out of there. But their is something in the shadows that wants her. Needs her. It doesn't want to let her go. Cain needs to get out of there, but maybe it isn't just lack of transport keeping her away from human company, maybe there is something more going on. Something unnatural, something intellegent...

Something that knows exactly what it is doing...

copyright Sasha Ritchie