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Samvc1 By Samvc1 Updated Aug 29, 2011

The UK is in turmoil, and the Prime Minister is being evacuated to the USA, but unbeknownst to him and anyone else, he has contracted with the deadly virus, which is untraceable until it fully takes over the body. He is heading straight to the White House.

The White House must go into complete lock-down, not a thing gets in or out, those who have been in contact with the Prime Minister are hunted down- killed or put into quarantine. If they do not succeed in containing the virus, the USA will face the same terrible death as the UK. And it won't stop there, first Mexico and Canada, then Columbia and Venezuela, and then Brazil. The whole of the Americas will be engulfed by death.

There's no known cure, if you catch the virus it's death or something much worse...

xImprintedx xImprintedx Aug 31, 2011
Wow this was awesome. I can visualize everything. Your desriptions are amazing.. This is a great start and it makes me want to continue reading.. great job!
Samvc1 Samvc1 Aug 30, 2011
@xxapplelolipopsxx Description I feel is one of my strong points- but I haven't proven that here, I can see what you mean about hers in comparison to mine. I will edit this, and try to give that ominous feeling to it. :D thanks a lot for your comment
Samvc1 Samvc1 Aug 29, 2011
@sPrInKl3z   Thanks a lot, I am almost done with the 1st chapter, which I will need to edit etc but it should be up in about two days or so
Samvc1 Samvc1 Aug 28, 2011
@CiaranHehir haven't actually thought about it entirely, I have an idea but I am not sure how popular it will be as it is a little OTT
Samvc1 Samvc1 Aug 28, 2011
@MidnightWolf43 Thanks a lot, and thanks to everyone else for your supportive feedback
tzertzer tzertzer Aug 28, 2011
It's a cool story. Although it's not finished the 'start' of it is pretty good. There's no real explanation on why there is a post apocalypse so maybe you should mention that later on. Though what you have done so far is great just continue on with the story.