Goode Knows. (A Percy at Highschool book.)

Goode Knows. (A Percy at Highschool book.)

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The 7, all but Percy, died, so did Thalia and Nico.
Percy's a broken man.

And now he's going back to Goode.

What could go wrong?

Will they find out? After all, the mist is gone.

Will they treat the hurt and angry man differently then they did before?

OMFGs Bones! You just made a reference to Dr. Temperance Brennan! You're so awesome!
Rednax98 Rednax98 Feb 21
What the heeeeeeeell i literally just read something else and it was just the same no difference did you steal it or did they I am so confused I mean literally the exact same NO FREAKING DIFFERENCE EXPLAIN NOW
Rednax98 Rednax98 Feb 21
On that happy note IT'S THE END OF THE SCHOOL DAY YAY just kidding I like school except math that dam thing is hard (ha ha ha ha get it)
Secrxt_luv Secrxt_luv Feb 26
Calm down dude I mean your just making accusation like woooow
                              I feel bad for the author
Rednax98 Rednax98 Feb 26
Actually I was just being funny but I did read that somewhere else
Sylva12 Sylva12 Jan 20
Lol everyone is talking and going in and out of mine one would ever notice