Mommy Monster

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Terence Matedero By TerenceMatedero Updated 4 years ago
In the rural town of Brisbane, Idaho, Jim Billingsley thinks his nightmare is finally over when he puts his violent wife, Barbara, behind bars. But are his children, Michael and Sandra, really safe? Can he protect them from the monster that happens to be their mother? A life of drugs, alcohol, and physical and mental abuse say otherwise. Barbara wants her kids back, she wants revenge, and there’s little Jim can do about it.
    Mommy Monster is a definitive page-turning genre bender. Part horror, part psychological thriller, part edge-of-your-seat suspense. It surprises the reader at every turn, and culminates with an ending that gives the reader reason to cheer on Michael as he struggles to save his sister’s life. Emotionally draining, this family overcomes struggle after struggle and their lives are changed forever.
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