The boy next door (rucas)

The boy next door (rucas)

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Bethany By purplebethers Completed

Riley POV 
Hi I'm Riley Matthews I'm 14 and I have two best friends Maya and farkle currently were on summer break but farkle is taking classes cause he's a genius and Maya is in summer school for half of the summer which kinda leaves me I alone then I hear beeping noises like a moving truck beep I run out of my room to my dad Cory 

Cory: hi honey 

Riley: hi daddy did the Johnsons move already

Cory: they moved yesterday a new family is moving in 

Riley: so any chance you know who they are 

Cory: yes there the friars it's a mother and father with two of there sons and one of them is close to your age you should go and say hi 

Riley: ok I will dad let me just change in a better outfit 

I go back to my room I look through my closet and find a good outfit I strip out of my clothes and I put a yellow sundress with my white jean jacket with my white converse then I run out of the front door 

Lucas POV 
Hi I'm Lucas I'm 15 and me and my family are moving in a new house as I finish put...

- - Apr 07, 2016
Could I have my chainsaw please? I need it to rip Charlie to shreds. Anyone want to join me?
jsangh1428 jsangh1428 Dec 02, 2016
charlie and riley are cute together JK I NEED MY CHAINSAW CHARILE IMA BEAT YO ASS
- - Dec 29, 2015
Have u heard of periods and comas? Not being rude but it's hard to read without them