You're talking about Freedom

You're talking about Freedom

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Mai ngoc Thanh By maingocthanh Updated Sep 18, 2010

You are referring to freedom:

If broken down into several targets are very easy to achieve freedom and nothing is tremendous.

1. Freedom of time

2. Freedom of money, material

3. Freedom of strength (have enough health to participate in any sport you like, for example, hiking ...)

4. Intellectual freedom (to have enough background knowledge and are willing to acquire, explore more new things)
... (Hope you have a good idea to add)
And if you set the call limit, the more easily achieved, can not completely without limits, you are living in this world and have to depend on the laws of its campaign, except when you go to prison I said seriously, as you age is what you need, you want to hold less, that will come close to zero, it means you are very close to you feel free and easy to achieve.

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