What Our Mom Doesn't Know

What Our Mom Doesn't Know

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Null By DeletedAccounted Updated Jan 23, 2013

Steven and Stephen Jacobs are twin boys who love to do everything together.

They hang out together, share the same friends, and same interests.

But what they don't share, is an untraded secret.

Steven is straight as an arrow, but Stephen is straight as a rainbow.

Steven has been very aware that his brother has been gay for a very long time, but he mentioned nothing about it. He loves his younger brother, but is it really love that he feels?

In this story, prepare for an adventure of lust that launches between these two twins.

Trust. Betrayal. Hurt.Comfort. Love. Hate. Lust.

The components that makes up, "What Our Mom Doesn't Know"

  • boyxboy
  • gay
  • straight
  • teenxteen
  • twincest