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626 Reads 79 Votes 16 Part Story
BobbieTales By BobbieKinkead Completed

A dark, smelling, cold fog crawled through the Elfin gardens searching. That mess of bitter fog prowled, up turning houses and drown their circle of laughter! Then where the older Troll children live on top of the bridge, a humongous uproar was heard and a fight. Seems that Troll Caunte found out that Troll Grunda Faye hid a Sherrie in her house. 
       The Sherrie, Troll Caunte, and Troll Grunda Faye have disappeared from the Oakgrove garden. The bitter fog seems to have vanished as well as Hornet Warriors.
        The Queen Mother of the Ponds with the Hornet Warriors arrived for her daughter, the Princess Vasalisa.
  From an old Russia Folktale, which is enhanced, reimaged, embellished and modified.

  • adventure
  • boneless
  • drama
  • elves
  • fantasy
  • frog
  • olefog
  • realms
  • sherrie
  • thepuwawards
  • trolls
  • wattys2017