Angel With A Shotgun (Emo boyxboy)

Angel With A Shotgun (Emo boyxboy)

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Queen of Ugliness By Autumn_Puppy Updated May 11, 2015

Bryson's an outcast. An emo. He's openly gay. He doesn't have any friends. But he doesn't really care. He's a rebel. Bad boy I guess you could say. He likes to mess with people, but not really hurt them. He's not a bully, he just likes to mess with people. 

Braxton's the new kid. He's secretly gay. He's shy, quiet, emo, an outcast. He's hoping that by moving it would help with bullying. Before he moved, he got severely bullied. He's hoping to escape that. 

When their lives collide what will happen?? Will the become friends?? Enemies?? Frenemies?? Maybe even more than friends. 

[The credit for the title goes to The Cab for their song Angel With A Shotgun]

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phandom_suga_kookie phandom_suga_kookie Nov 27, 2017
If they got married and had a baby, I think I would be that baby
LIsHeree LIsHeree Jan 06
This is the first book I've read that has mentioned all time low.
Weridogirl101 Weridogirl101 Mar 12, 2017
I love all of the band's they just named I have found my people
Copper_Tarte Copper_Tarte Mar 31, 2017
I love all the damn bands that they just said! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! FREAKING WAFFLETASTIC!
5sosFallM 5sosFallM Mar 26, 2017
My favorite colors are black, purple, red. The same i dyed my hair with. I prefer FOB, P! ATD, twenty-one pilots, etc.
music_be_life_01 music_be_life_01 Mar 14, 2017
Put Bryson and Braxton together and you get me minus the neon green bit