What If You Fly?

What If You Fly?

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7KAChicks By 7KAChicks Updated Jul 14, 2015

We’re doing a multi-author flash fiction story. Each week a different author will pen a new, short addition to it. And as we all write romance but specialize in a variety of subgenres, this is sure to get interesting.

We started with this beautiful image inspired by Erin Hanson’s poem “What if I fall?”, as it has come to offer inspiration to so many of us. And who couldn’t use a bit of inspiration now and then, especially when such inspiration leads to the spinning of a fun, unpredictable romantic tale?

Along the way, we’d love to hear from you, our readers. Tell us what you enjoyed in the story, what you’re guessing will happen next, ideas for our next flash fiction story, etc. We love hearing from you!

So find your favorite reading spot, get comfy, and enjoy part one of this series’ flash fiction story WHAT IF YOU FLY?