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smallittlelegant By smallittlelegant Updated Jun 21, 2011

A very secretive life. Two worlds to live in, one
world to unite, But when another world plans to
destroy one of yours, what will you do? Especially
now that you are busy saving your family, and busy
saving the world.
Creevesbar Frow has problems on her own. But with fairy friends,
who said she couldn't solve them?

But when the two worlds collide because the spirit world wants
to overthrow the fairy world, what is she gonna do? Especially
now that she is busy having her brother found and her mother
safe, at the same time balancing life at school. 

The kidnappers wants to know the full truth about her identity,
of her powers that's why they kidnapped her brother Axel,
but Creevesbar has no idea about this. Another problem arises,
since when the spirit world attacks the fairy world, earth will
be in trouble too, be entangled in a make-believe fight of two
imaginary worlds, almost.

To have her powers a secret, the worlds united, her family and
friends safe and be able to escape the clutches of her enemy is a
hard work for Creevesbar, but will her fairy friends be still
able to help her out?