The Four Gems

The Four Gems

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ANNNNGGIIIEE (: By Xxbaby_bunniexX Updated Aug 15, 2011

Saved by a boy, not much older than her, when she was a young baby girl. When she was going to tell them how she survived, he disappeared, without a trace, but he left her one thing, this memory. 

She's now all grown up, an independent 16 year old going on 17, and the school's beauty, but there's not been one day that she forgotten him. On one of her worst day, a gem falls out of nowhere and hammers her head, yep that's right, not hit, cause sometimes that doesn't hurt, but a full out hammering by a shiny glimmering white sort of transparent gemstone. That same night she's visited by the oracle, and she finds out that she's the one to save the world from evil, mastermind, scheming COOKIES, who are backed up by the NSBA, The National Secret Bunny Association!

Just kidding!

She's chosen to save the remain of Earth's life, over the millions and billions of years, us humans have grown, technology wise, taking things rightfully owned by nature. For a few years, the environment around has taken it well, but now humans have grown too greedy for their own good, drilling once peaceful areas just to attain oil, chopping down trees for building huge cities, factories polluting the once crisp clean air, dumping our dirty leftover trash into the vast seven seas. Nature has been patient enough, at wits end and ready to vanquish the humans existence from Earth, the Oracle reasoned with them, finding the rumored girl who shall redeem the human race by helping nurture Nature back to its grand beauty. 

If not, humans will pay for their selfishness.

Now, how does the guy that saved her from so long ago, and four gems have to do with this story, you ask?