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~ Peter P.O.V~

Walking back home from school the past few weeks I've been feeling some one or something watching me, but my spidey sense never goes off for some reason. As I kept walking the feeling of the eyes got closer to me. I quickly deiced to skip going home to keep Aunt May safe and head to Stark tower to see if Tony has any explanation or ideas on whats going on. But being the smart teenager I am (emphasis on the sarcasm) I decided to take what looked like a back ally as a short cut. Soon after entering it I figured out that the ally was really just a road to get into the parking lot of the complex surrounding it. Sighing I spun on my heel to leave and go the correct way but my way was blocked by a man wearing a red and black spandex costume with weapons strapped to him. This is not going to be good I thought. "Do you mind stepping aside please?" I asked hoping I wouldn't have to go all spidey on him.

"Nope, sorry no can do kid. I need information on Spider-man and I hear tha...

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It's actually a really good story 
                              It feels more like an original fiction than a fanfic
They say the first thing you notice about someone, is the way they look at you. But Wade notices da booty.
Breaking the fourth wall.... Wow the deadline we all know an love
Goyaki Goyaki Aug 19
Roses are red 
                              And violets are blue 
                              But you, you mouth watering hot ass are my one true love..
Ah the ass, the most sexiest and most beautiful thing about being in line behind Spider-man.
PoisonEss04 PoisonEss04 Mar 10
*me making inhumane noise in the middle of the night* "PIZZA WEAPONS!!"