sleepless, loveless

sleepless, loveless

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chloe By cityscape Updated Nov 30, 2015

"Sometimes happiness feels like a chore."

A short story chronicling the relationships (and lack thereof) of Drew; in which nights and days are spent curled up in the tear-and-food-stained sheets, with and without the warmth of another living soul, because he has lived like this and he'll probably die like this -- whether he likes it or not.

(As if life ever bothered to ask).

Otherwise known as: 

Sleep is for the weak, and love is for those asleep. So Andrew shouldn't wonder why he's virtually a self-induced insomniac who might just very well die of loneliness one day.

moonships moonships Sep 20, 2016
omg chloe this summary is so well written and i am mega mega excited!!!
cypher1306 cypher1306 Sep 27, 2016
looking forward to reading this because it's only the beginning but I have so much feels for this book already
Lonelia Lonelia Aug 02, 2015
this is so beautiful chloe i can't wait. your writing is spectacular and touching. love it!
heartsick heartsick May 24, 2015
this is so creepy yet so cool, im writing a story and the main characters name is Andrew and he's insomniac, loooooooooooooooooool, but it's not about insomnia so yeah........but this was greatttt
SimplyUnusual SimplyUnusual May 14, 2015
I already know I'm going to love this. 5:48 was absolutely amazing and I loved drew so much. I'm so excited to read this story. Also girl. Your writing. I can't deal. It's so good I cri
modderncynic_1738 modderncynic_1738 Apr 06, 2015
I'm not even one chapter in and I'm already loving the message. Writing real stories is the best. Reading them is a gift.