Mikhail's Too Phat Chick (Book II) Complete

Mikhail's Too Phat Chick (Book II) Complete

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Chapter 1

|Mikhail " Khail " Daniels|

It's been two years since I started college and the college life is nothing compared to high school. There's more work - more everything, if you ask me. I have a girlfriend named Tiffany and we've been dating for six months. Nah I'm not in love with her - I just like her a lot. I still play basketball. You know I couldn't give that up. Basketball is life. Shit I'm trying to go all the way to the NBA. I was brought out of my thoughts hearing one of my homeboys say something.

"Yo look at her fat ass! Aye fat bitch come eat this dick." One of my friends said to this chick that started here like two months ago. She looked over at us and tried to walk pass us, but I stuck my foot off and she tripped and fell. We all laughed at her. 

"Get up fat ass!" I said kicking her books away from her. She looked up at me with glossy eyes. 

"Aww is the fat bitch going to cry?" I asked. She didn't say anything. She just got up and picked up her books. 


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