His Unknown Treasure

His Unknown Treasure

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blue By xxpuckexx Updated Sep 15, 2014

"I don't want you, I was attracted to you physically but other than that, that's it. I just need you to warm my bed for tonight." he handed me a blank check after saying those words. I stared at his extended hand, feeling numb.

Nathaniel Owen Fuentes. A name I will never forget. The one man that I loved and broke my heart. The one man that I cried for night after night. The one who took my virginity. The multi billionaire playboy and the father of my twins.

"mama!" I woke up with my son's scream from the other room, feeling panicked from his scream I jolted out of my room and in the room across from mine, I saw Ashton hugging his brother on the floor, I quickly went over and looked at my two year old twins.

"play...in, Darrius fell, he hurt mama..." my little boy, Ashton, tried to explain, tears falling out of his eyes. I quickly checked his brother and saw blood from his forehead, I gasped at the cut on his forehead. I quickly scooped Darius up and carried him out of their room wit...