The Other Original Hybrid

The Other Original Hybrid

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Smile For No Reason By xKol_Mikaelsonx Updated May 31, 2015

what happens when the other original hybrid pulls into town, after getting a phonecall from her bestfriend niklaus mikealson?

how will the scooby gang react to the sarcastic, bad mannered, short-tempered and high maintanced original female hybrid?

will she make new friends? or will she make more enemies?

she knows the salvatore brothers but do they know her?

will she bring trouble with her?

and what happens if a mysterious young adult comes claiming to be the child she and a certain original had out of wedlock?

so many and found out!

  • elijah
  • finn
  • kol
  • mikaelson
  • niklaus
  • odette
  • originalhybrids
  • originals
  • rebekah
  • vampiresdairies
leeh_helle leeh_helle Dec 16, 2017
Does anyone know the name of this wowan on the cover of the book?
exogot7bangtanboys exogot7bangtanboys Jul 05, 2016
Why are you so desperate to open them, I just started reading and I already feel like she is going to do a ton of stupid stuff *sighs*, hopefully I'm wrong (/-_-)/
PacifyHer21 PacifyHer21 Oct 21, 2015
Sorry its cause I just barley started reading this and im like,"MOMMA HYPBRID?!?!?"
pomeremily pomeremily Oct 14, 2015
I like the story so far but if you could capitalize that would be great