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Black Butler Crack

Black Butler Crack

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Mystique~ By _-Mysterious-_ Updated Jun 30, 2016

Just some random black butler stuff 

Admin: Yes, it's Ciel on a unicorn over a rainbow.
Ciel: SEBASTIAN IM READY FOR YOUUUUUU!!!~~~ *waves noodle arms *

BabySquidKing BabySquidKing Nov 14, 2016
Grell: *pulls off uniform to show sparkly red leotard* GIVE ME YOUR BODY
                              Ciel: Go home your drink
TheToxicGalaxy TheToxicGalaxy May 16, 2016
Randomly picking stuff is now a bad idea.. After this I will not do it.
cloudstar-sweg cloudstar-sweg Jul 08, 2016
Hey, I just met you
                              And you are crazy
                              So back the **** off
                              And stay away please!
Purely_Platinum Purely_Platinum Jun 25, 2016
I read this line and fell off my chair after seeing 210 comments (now 211)
highkey_idgaf highkey_idgaf Dec 30, 2015
Hi plz plz check out my book torn apart by me its a black butler fanfic and its really interesting!!! Plz im new to this writing game so plz
KimikoJames KimikoJames Nov 22, 2015
I love the vidios for black butler on crack they're so funny XD but I love unicorns and rainbows so I clicked on this but where's all the other stuff?