Im famous and my mate is a sweetheart with a jerk of a brother, WAIT, mate?

Im famous and my mate is a sweetheart with a jerk of a brother, WAIT, mate?

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Tegan1 By Tegan1 Updated Apr 10, 2011

LOL I know lame title but I hate naming things, I only like writing them.

Okay, So thanks for reading and I hope you like it, BTW, I do write a lot but I get alot of homework and I train for netball and the games ECT.....

Stehphaniie has Natural light blonde hair with Unnatural neon green, Fluro pink, and bright blue streks through it. She is skinny but not to skinny, With curves in the right places. Also she has natural turquise(I dont know if that is right spelling) Eyes and slightly tanne skin.

Stephaniies POV

Well, Im stephaniie and I am in the car on my way to the new house, YAY!!, [Note the sarcssium, (LOL SPELLING AGAINS)]. I hate that we have to move because im leaving all my friends and I heard their is a lot of Jerks and Players in calafornia.


Me and my family finally arrived at our new house, "Finally" I moaned with my brothers Keith and Corey. "Stop moan and help get the stuff inside" My mum said angrily. We all rolled our eyes and got out of the car,...

MIWLOVER666 MIWLOVER666 Nov 13, 2011
i was tempted  to read this but it didnt turn out good lol sorry XD
Tegan1 Tegan1 May 02, 2011
@MaKayahReneeLong lol i know im not very good at writing and im only writing because i have nothing else to do...and i know my crap and its okay, Im not affended by anything u said i get it all the time and i know lots of people are like me...
Tegan1 Tegan1 Apr 10, 2011
LOL FINE and sorry about the long wait and   it is like 12:30 in the morning so im supposed to be in bed so yeah
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XxTurtlexX XxTurtlexX Apr 05, 2011
i deff. <3 this story.... plz write more and dont really like rece and i wonder y he wasnt gonna be there for a few days....