Princess of Sky

Princess of Sky

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Kate Anders By Kate_Anders Updated Mar 17, 2011

Serina despised her life as the Princess of Sky.
And then along came Steffen.
And she despised him almost as much as being princess.

Princess Serina of Sky grew up in a beautiful floating palace. Everything she wanted was laid at her feet without her even asking. But the one thing no one is willing to give is the one thing she wants more than anything.


Steffen lost his family at a young age, but not because they were taken from this world. They forced him from their lives upon realizing what he could do. Alone in a world where he has to keep his identity hidden, Steffen has no where to turn, no where except maybe the King of Sky. With his power Steffen will be a useful asset to the king and maybe he'll find a place he can call home.

When they first meet, Serina, head strong stubborn Serina, hates Steffen on principal. After all he chose to use her in order to demonstrate his power.
Steffen, soft spoken shy Steffen, sees Serina as an arrogant little girl. After all she threw a hissy fit.

But when a force beyond their control--a.k.a Serina's father--throws them together, they're going to have to learn to work together.

Kate_Anders Kate_Anders May 08, 2011
@emma1330 Thanks for your comment! I've actually never read the Gemma Doyle series but I've heard it's go so thanks :)
_majorly_ _majorly_ May 03, 2011
this is pretty good... it reminds me a little of the Gemma Doyle series. great job!