Me vs. Zombies

Me vs. Zombies

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Rose By ApplesandRoses Updated Mar 17, 2011

Hell has surfaced England. A horrific epidemic with no cure spread across the UK, the walking, flesh eating dead. 
The Carr family are convinced the only way of survival is to head for the safe protection of England’s Royal Marine headquarters. The only problem is the Carrs’ live in the north east and the Royal Marin base is located in Plymouth, the south of UK. 

As the Carrs’ trek to the south, they let nothing stand in their way and show no mercy; but after James Carr, the man of the family kills a defenceless couple they find at a petrol station, his only child and daughter Rose feels the need to save willing people to make up for their lives; and it doesn’t take long till the Carr’s come across an attractive 17 year old boy wandering by himself...

A journey of 406 miles, should take them seven hours. Will they make it?

kasabiantrots kasabiantrots Mar 13, 2011
New account?
                              I nearly sh*t myself thinking you weren't writing anymore, why did you start again?
                              Either way, brill as ever.