The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas (Fanfict)

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Pessach is a nine year old boy living in a concentration camp because he is a Jew. One day a boy named Bruno hands Pessach a small diary, which Pessach keeps close to his heart. He writes in it everyday: that is until his secret gets discovered by a marshal. Is it the end for Pessach?
                                    A few things:
                                    One. This is good, but your comment at the top was worrying at least. If you're going to write about history, research it. Especially history as important as the holocaust; a lot of people who had grandparents at Auschwitz or something might read it and get offended if it's hideously inaccurate. I know that sounds crazy but John Boyne [fantastic, I know] got a shed-load of criticism for the way he wrote the boy in the striped pyjamas because of all the historical innaccuracy. [Of which there was a lot. He made a conscious decision to make these mistakes so that he could write a true story. You should research into this more because if you're making mistakes in ignorance that's quite bad, especially if you're a writer.]
                                    Two) :O I wrote a historical story and the main character was called Josef. How cool is that! I can't remember if the Josef you're referring to is a character from the book or not though..
                                    Three) If you like the boy in the striped pyjamas, you should read the book thief. It's a billion times better than The Boy etc. and that's saying a lot. :L
                                    Go get researching! I used a website based on a tv series about auschwitz called Auschwitz: The Nazis and the Final Solution. It was interesting and informative
                                    [ps I wrote a comment before but then deleted it because it had swearing in it and the little comment thing said "this is being considered offensive." So if you have two messages about comments I apologise. I'm knew to wattpad