When The Monster Comes (On Hold) RE-WRITING!!!

When The Monster Comes (On Hold) RE-WRITING!!!

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cookiesmakemyday By cookiesmakemyday Updated Jun 20, 2012

Sage Elle Thomas is your typical 'Plain Jane' 

She doesn't talk much, always sticks to her books and writing. She works at a cafe in France, and lives by herself. The only person she's ever really let close to her is her best friend, Jade. And Sage is just turning 21, on the 31st of October. 

Strange? Perhaps. 

But Sage wasn't always your typical Plain Jane, before her grandparents died of a terrible incident, she was one of the 'Cool Kids' in high school. She had the boyfriend and all. But when her grandparent's died she became hollow, and avoided anyone who spoke to her. She left home at 19 and only goes to see her family on holidays.

Not until her 21st birthday, though. When she returns home for the night, and her mother gives her a letter dated decades before she was born. And now her best and only friend is acting funny, with mood swings and disturbing memories that are mistaken for dreams. Sage is getting sucked in to a world unknown, with mysteries, and confusing questions. 

Of course, though. When she reads the letter her mother had given her, questions are answered, but only to give more unanswered in return. 

And when Sage finds herself walking down an oddly familiar ally way to an old book shop from her childhood, does things start to make sense. She soon finds herself in another world of dark beings and magical creatures. 

She must play the game her grandparent's set up for her, in order to stay alive. 

Because When The Monster Comes, all hell comes lose.

cookiesmakemyday cookiesmakemyday Jun 03, 2011
@BubblyInside thank you, and true. I did way too much spacing, but this was my first story, but now I don't space as much unless to add dramatic affect :D 
AdrianaMarie224 AdrianaMarie224 Mar 31, 2011
@savoiradoresninja. you're welcome! I really enjoyed it... please keep writing :) 
Wotchy Wotchy Mar 24, 2011
*Eyes widened* Is that...is that...dedicated....to ME? Oh shucks, thank you! Really, it means a LOT. :) *wipes a dramatic tear away*