Soul Savior  --  A Scyther's Novel

Soul Savior -- A Scyther's Novel

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Tristian (AKA super blanket man -,-) By Sekirei107 Updated Dec 20, 2011

Dear Reader,

What do you get when you put together an Ex-Assassin that just happens to be immortal and can grow wings, a bunch of pissed off Grim Reapers, and a bounty on a local dragon girl? You Get My Life.

My night started out simply enough, I took my portable arsenal, hid my wings, and drove off to the local clubs. What i never expected was to hear a scream for help on an abandoned street. I went in to investigate, and what i found shocked me.

A clan of Grim Reapers. A couple hundred. I killed their leaders son, A demi-god, and they turned on me. I barely survived, and wouldnt have if my teacher hadnt summoned my soul to Main.  He tasked me with protecting a Dragon. If she dies, then all the fires on Earth will die, and heat will be swept from the world. And what makes it even worse; the Dragon is actually a Beautiful girl.

-Trygg Soonami

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