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Im gay for my twin?!(boyxboy)(part 1 of the series)

Im gay for my twin?!(boyxboy)(part 1 of the series)

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The rainbow shefox By teenwolflover10 Completed

Jazz the nerdy twin with no friends is openly gay. His brother Jess the jock with millions of friends is known to be straight with his girlfriend Sarah. But little does he know after almost sixteen years he was falling for his nerdy cute twin that he hasn't seen in years. Most people come to think jazz was clingy and dependent on Jess and it was sometimes like that. Jazz wasn't always depended in Jess. But Jess hated being away from his brother for long but that changed once their parents divorced when the twins were about nine. Jess going with his father and jazz with his mother. But finally jazz and Jess come back together. Due to their mother passing away

I love how all my readers cry from the lizard death. I did too writing it tho.
bookbes bookbes Mar 14
no one heard the phone. YOU KILLED A PET AND YOU DON"T FEEL BAD
Gaytrashcansrule Gaytrashcansrule May 11, 2016
Hey, I know a Sarah in my school.
                              She's a bitch too.
B--V--B-Ashes-Remain B--V--B-Ashes-Remain Jul 21, 2016
Shut up and let me see your jazz hands
                              Remember when you were a madman
                              Thought you was Batman and hit the party with a gas can
                              Kiss me, you animal 
                              Sorry I had to.
Cutifyed Cutifyed May 11, 2016
Seeing your twin crying, yelling at YOU. *chuckles* that's your fault!
B--V--B-Ashes-Remain B--V--B-Ashes-Remain Jul 21, 2016
Sarah please go fall off a cliff. That is all. Thank you. 
                              Wait! Jess bros before hoes! Bros before hoes!