The Italian CEO (Complete)

The Italian CEO (Complete)

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Twenty-three year old Adam Zaccardo is the most wealthiest bachelor's today. He's ruthless, uncannily, heartless, rude, and so much more. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. This hot Italian man has it all but one thing, LOVE.

His 6'5 frame, his toned and muscled body, mud brown eyes, black hair, he's every womans dream man. I might say for an Italian man he is truly blessed down there (v.v) if you know what I mean ;). His baritone voice that could make any woman fall to his feet, or come to his beck and call, but one, Ms. Tatianna Elizabeth McCain. 

Tatianna Elizabeth McCain was born less fortunate I might say. She's a 22 year old college graduate. She wants to have her own business. She's single, 5'9, plus size, caramel skinned, brown eyes, long black hair, a good personality, quiet, but fiesty. Don't get her twisted or you will regret it. She is looking for a job and right now anything would do. She's about to lose her place, she's in debt due to the many student loans s...

jessica1028 jessica1028 Oct 21, 2017
Me too except I'm light skinned and 5'5  but everything else is spot on
Hon3y_schnucums Hon3y_schnucums Nov 12, 2017
Aha mud brown eyes isn’t a sexy description but I lol’ed
Unforgettable069 Unforgettable069 Oct 07, 2017
This just described me except the height and the house, job and whatever else
baby_amaya baby_amaya Mar 01, 2016
Hey what's wrong with short people I am 4'11 but I have nothing against tall people my bestfriend is 5'9
Fruitsey Fruitsey Mar 25, 2016
I Read This Book Like 5 Times Mannnn 😂😂😂 I Can't Find no Good Books buts Urs & Ms.Char .
muvakia muvakia Apr 04, 2016
Trying something new usually only read urban books but I wanna get outside of my comfort zone, hope this book is good