Story ideas

Story ideas

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"I have a story idea!"


This is a book of ideas that  is filled with ideas I'm giving to people, and others I plan to write in the future... That's one reason to click that read button, but maybe while reading my ideas you come up with your own. GET INSPIRED!

*If you don't want to write a can read through the ideas and pick a story you want to read

    FandomsUnite123 FandomsUnite123 Mar 29, 2016
    Aww I like you say "adopted" instead of just "taken" or something like that
    everestsbooks everestsbooks Apr 15, 2016
    Jfc I thought you meant we had to spend money I was about to nope tf outta here
    RyuuenXKai RyuuenXKai Aug 10, 2016
    Um. I have a question. Can like two persons take one idea? I don't quite yeah...can you? Just want to make sure
    hdoddjsnhdks hdoddjsnhdks Dec 28, 2016
    Nope not to much to ask at all considering you gave us the idea
    wcnderlandgirl wcnderlandgirl Sep 03, 2016
    That's less than most people, at least you don't ask for votes, comments, etc.💕
    Aqsa05 Aqsa05 Nov 07, 2015
    Try to make a mystery,humour,action book idea 
                                  Mix all those genres together