nutella ➢ styles

nutella ➢ styles

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calum hood By vintedge Updated Jul 30, 2014

❝i grabbed it first❞

 ❝be a gentleman and give me it before i kick your non existent balls❞

 ❝do you know who i am?❞

 ❝big whoop you are harry styles, let me find a fuck to give❞
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shreyastyles shreyastyles Jun 17, 2016
I'm sorry if any of you find this annoying but writing is my PASSION and I would totally love if any of you could read my book and share it a little. I promise it's actually really freaking good!!!!!!!!!!
dearmitz dearmitz 7 days ago
Did it hit her? Or she black out cause her baby nutella is laying dead on the floor?
Watch him be all like " for her" *makes a run for it with nutella and leaves unconscious girl on floor*
brokeasff brokeasff Jun 27, 2016
i laughed so hard bc did it like hit her in the face or something