The Deep Dark Web | lrh

The Deep Dark Web | lrh

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maz🥀 By loudluke Updated Aug 30, 2017

✖️A collection of Dark!Luke horror fics I've written✖️

My boyfriend, Luke, has a secret. Maybe it has something to do with the blood on his shirt and the knives in his bag. 

In which a single father will do absolutely anything in his power to make sure that his children are happy... no matter what it takes. 

"A pretty little girl like you shouldn't have to wear a costume for Halloween. A beautiful face like that doesn't deserve to be covered up by a mask... It deserves to be one."

Does he know? Does he know that I know what's going on? Are any of them going to check if the anaesthetic worked? The closer he's getting, the more my heart's beating. 
I'm awake. I'm awake. 
He has no idea I'm awake. 

There's a reason you shouldn't wake up at 3am. 

Dark!Luke fics/short stories. 
[There's like, a few smutty chapters in this book, and a couple violent ones. You've been warned].