Percy Jackson and Luke Castellan Love Story

Percy Jackson and Luke Castellan Love Story

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Beck By BeckyMay56 Updated Dec 10, 2013

Percy's point of view

August 18, 2010. Exactly one year after Luke has died. Exactly one year since Annabeth and myself started going out. Exactly a year since the Second Titan/Trojan War.

We were still on the Argo II heading for the camps once again. Jason was unsure of where to go. I knew that. He had a girlfriend in Camp Half-Blood, but he was Roman, which would be Camp Jupiter. Plus he liked Camp Half-Blood from what I heard.

Nico still hasn't  talked to me ever since that one day going to Athens, and I suriously wonder why. That kid has gone through so much, now he just comelplety closed me out. He was still on the ship. But he ignored just me. No matter what he ignored me what so ever.

It was breakfast, and as usual, Jason, Piper, Leo, Hazel and Frank were scarfing down their food, and talking. But not us.I just store at my food Nico didn't bother to even come to breakfast. Annabeth just store at her food, too. Today would be best day of our lives. Exactly a whole year stayin...

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I forgot how to breath for a bit. But don't worry I'm fine..I think...not really sure
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I’m hating the fact that they’re being so nosy and insensitive
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beckendorf and silena went to New York University.  this makes no sense to me
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That was AWESOME! Plus depressing for some reason. But please UPDATE *hint, hint*!