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Let's Play this Game called Life.

Let's Play this Game called Life.

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Koda By Kodarune Updated Jan 27, 2011

Hi. My name is Kaitlin Elizabeth Ashlock, but please call me Kai, Liz, Eli or Beth. Most of my friends call me Eli or Beth.  Kaitlin sounds like a little child's name. Not my thing. I'm sixteen years old. I'll be seventeen on August 24th. I'm usually high or drunk off my ass. Not a good thing, I know. But do I care? Don't make me laugh, because I don't. I have  long blonde hair that is naturally wavy and  I have greenish blue eyes. I stand 5'6'', and I'm 98 pounds. I have snake bites, and a tongue piercing. My ear lobes are pierced also, and my belly button, so is my cartilage. The top of my ear, I mean.  I'm rather shy when I first meet people, but then don't expect me to be your friend. I never trust people. I always think of the worst. Since, well, usually, the worst is what I get. I'm still in high school. I don't plan on dropping out. It would be nice if I could, but since going home is worse than school.... You know. Its better to stay away from home.  You will find out about all my secrets and my life throughout this story of mine. Who the real friends are, and who are just there for getting smashed. Find out who the backstabber's are, the users, the haters, the lovers. This is my life that I will be sharing with you. Welcome to my world of Heaven and Hell. Enjoy my story. - This is the story of a young girl named Kaitlin Elizabeth. She is very small, and gets into trouble most of the time. Going through troubles of life with abusive alcoholic parents, she finds out secrets of her friends, family, life, and even herself. Being addicted to drugs, and being an alcoholic, Kaitlin finds that life is harder than she thought. Love, hate, sex, drugs, alcohol. Watch what will happen through this girls life as we explore her past, future, and present. Will she make it thought high school and become a good person, or will she fall and fail?

bunnyx8 bunnyx8 Jan 26, 2011
fantastic story so far you sshould really carry on and if you could , read my story 'when parents shout we shout louder' and maybe commeent and vote if you do thankyou soooooooooooo much.
                              :) x