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━ gg one shots. by dearchungha
━ gg one ♡ ━ ❛ snapping. ❜ 
+ one shots, only girl groups. [ request closed for now! ] [ fluff ; smuts ]
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try again, lost star. (jaehyun x roa) ✔ by flummy2
try again, lost star. (jaehyun x murandongie.
"You wouldn't accept me as i am if i tell you the truth," - Minkyung "Stars that are lost in the universe is like gems hiding in pile of leaves, you need...
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Will You Go Out With Me? [Malay FF] by AmirulAshraff96
Will You Go Out With Me? [Malay FF]by Mirul
Kehilangan orang tersayang bukannya perkara mudah bagi Taeyang yang baru sahaja kematian kekasihnya, Chaeyeon. Dia mencintai Chaeyeon separuh mati sehingga tidak mampu u...
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Left Out (Astro's Sanha ff) by PeachyLuna_02
Left Out (Astro's Sanha ff)by MaoMaoisLonely
What does it feel like if your closest friend and crush on left you for another girl?
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wee woo; pristin  by princeguanlin
wee woo; pristin by 美琦 ☁️
a story about ten girls who all live in the same dormitory and have to find a way to deal with everything that's about to come their way. started; 040517 finished; ...
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| c o l l e c t e d | minkyebin's best fanfics by espresxo
| c o l l e c t e d | minkyebin' ☕️
i don't own any of these stories. Credits are mentioned in each title. because stories on Asianfanfics requires you to log in to read most of the time so i may copy and...
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headphones | minkyebin ✓ by sungyeonscheeks
headphones | minkyebin ✓by pristin forever <3
minkyung and yebin have liked each other since their trainee days, eventually ending up a couple as soon as they debuted. wonderful, right? well, you'd be surprised. ───...
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Royal by SvnthSenseNcity
Royalby SvnthSenseNcity
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Choi Yebin [TXT FEMALE MEMBER] by hoseokverse
Choi Yebin [TXT FEMALE MEMBER]by euphoria
txt female member [ON HOLD]
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[Longfic | Meanie] Tìm em by _kinn_
[Longfic | Meanie] Tìm emby Kinn
"Nó không đơn giản chỉ là tình yêu quê hương, nó là một thứ tình cảm lớn lao hơn mà anh không thể giải thích nổi. Chỉ biết rằng anh từng giờ từng phút luôn khao khá...
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Ice Cream by Kingkongkeju
Ice Creamby Kong~
Bagaimana jika seorang guru dan murid yang selalu bersikap dingin di dunia nyata, namun dipertemukan sebagai sepasang kekasih di dunia mimpi?
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Chasing You by kinkstax
Chasing Youby Lucyyyy ❤
D I A S E R I E S : Y E B I N in which star just wants some sleep and sun got some tricks to make her fall in a deep slumber but at the same time keep her wide awake ...
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It is because when we look into each other's eyes, all we can see is nothing but happiness and bliss. Promise me, you will stay by my side for ever ~
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Love in The Uni+ by cheriimon
Love in The Uni+by Hillary
hanya imajinasi randomku tentang couple dari final line up the unit. so sorry I write in Bahasa Indonesia. but maybe later I'll try to translate it to English.
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(Pristin) (Oneshot series) (Minkyebin, Rore, 25) Lost Stars by shanetknguyen
(Pristin) (Oneshot series) ( Shane Nguyen
Tập hợp những câu chuyện viết vào những ngày lặng thinh. When life leaves us blind Love, keeps us kind
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Kpop Matchmaking Project by thecapslock
Kpop Matchmaking Projectby capslock_
K-idol oneshots
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Girl Crush // Yebin x Reader by bluebxbybird
Girl Crush // Yebin x Readerby Aurora
"I tried to be straight until I met you..."
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[Produce 101] Couple nổi loạn by JjungLe
[Produce 101] Couple nổi loạnby JjungLe
Nào nào, cái động gei Produce 101. Các con thuyền dần dần lộ rõ chân tướng rồi :3 ~
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Công ty giải trí Project 101 by JjungLe
Công ty giải trí Project 101by JjungLe
Đây là một công ty đang trên đà phát triển bao gồm CEO, idol, diễn viên, manager, stylist...với hàng trăm công việc mỗi ngày và cả tá những vấn đề rắc rối sau hậu trường...
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