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CEVAPLAR KİTABIby wattpadkullanıcısı4
Carol Bolt'un yazmış olduğu 'Cevaplar Kitabı'ndan esinlenerek yazılmış olan bu kitapta kişinin kitaba soru sorup seçtiği sayfaya göre cevabını almasıdır.
A Luv So Sweet ||  HSJ (rewriting) by IAmABrattyChild
A Luv So Sweet || HSJ (rewriting)by Soru
Why was the Saebom High School bad boy pursuing the new student? Were these the consequences of "love at first sight? Y/n never imagined falling in love again. Perh...
A Love After The Distress by IAmABrattyChild
A Love After The Distressby Soru
Dallia Ai who came back home to find her fiancé cheating on her with Ruri Ai, her half sister couldn't express her emotions. Her mom and dad who she loved every much, ho...
SLM AŞKO ANKET by SerdartezcanDolandrc
SLM AŞKO ANKETby SerdartezcanDolandrc
Unique by Lillie1512
Uniqueby Lillie1512
Rosaline has picked up and moved to a new town in hopes of a new life after tragedy . With the help of a rain storm, she stumbles into a dance studio and meets a certain...
This or that by kohetot
This or thatby ☯️
❝Everything you can imagine is real.❞
Christmas Me and You by KingdomHeartsVampire
Christmas Me and Youby Roxel Flame The Red Queen
I already had a plan to do a Christmas fanfic. Just like the Halloween one but more Christmasy. XD Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate and have a Happy New...
What if Naruto had MY FAVORITE Devil Fruits by DamBroGlockys
What if Naruto had MY FAVORITE
OK so i started this thing called uchiha senju naruto. I dont really like the idea so i might start on that again but imma focus on this way more. Ok let me explain a f...
Watepad by thatblonde5sosboy
Watepadby thatblonde5sosboy
Tjias ia the soat or s fiem calle beth a n dhe met a giel clel carly ene rocmet ent aleyhsuros end bitbis end hemodentoc ar nikesh
Darkness In My Non- Existent Heart by KingdomHeartsVampire
Darkness In My Non- Existent Heartby Roxel Flame The Red Queen
Now for this fanfic I wanted to make it different from all the rest. Soru has to save Roxel from becoming darkness itself! Can he save her in time? Find out by reading...