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My Loving Alpha Mate by Xx_zarie_xX
My Loving Alpha Mateby Zarie
They used to hate each other, then she moved away for three years. Now she's back for senior year and everything is different.He is arrogant and cocky. And his name? Cha...
  • jace
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  • explaination
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The Alpha's Human Mate by SunFireRising
The Alpha's Human Mateby Kat Sanborn
Calla moves to a new town with her mother to get away from a 'divorce' but Calla finds out there was a different reason. These boys that are in a wolf pack enter Calla's...
  • gods
  • alpha
  • luna
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Write Better: Tips and tricks by WriterKellie
Write Better: Tips and tricksby Kellie Bowe
The guide for aspiring fiction writers who want to improve, sharpen, review, and/or learn. Warning! This book encourages editing and contains many tips that often req...
  • better
  • editing
  • wattys2017
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How to Write a Novel by EdwardMullen
How to Write a Novelby Edward Mullen
A quick and easy guide outlining my novel writing process. If you'd rather watch a video about this and other writing tips, please visit my website
  • tips
  • write
  • writing-prompts
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Dare to Begin by despinanicola88
Dare to Beginby Despina Nicola
Dare to Begin is a book about taking responsibility for your life. It explores how the victim response in you can take over destroying and leaving you in pieces. This bo...
  • process
  • emotions
  • healing
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Recovery (Conor Maynard AU) by OnlyBookwormInTown
Recovery (Conor Maynard AU)by Princess
"You're important to me" I whispered; too afraid of the words that left my own mouth. "Don't say that if you're going to leave anyways" he replie...
  • destiny
  • fanfcition
  • conormaynard
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my subliminal results 🤠 by baddrama101
my subliminal results 🤠by baddrama101
this is just some updates after listening to subliminals 🧚🏾‍♀️
  • glowup
  • updates
  • subliminal
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Art by Katyreademall
I will display my art here!
  • fun
  • doodle
  • fanart
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FTM Transition and Detransition [WIP] by taylorsaub
FTM Transition and Detransition [ taylor
As a cisgender female, to an FTM, back to cisgender, I talk about the physical and emotional process through transitioning and detransitioning. PLEASE read the introduct...
  • process
  • transgender
  • cisgender
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How to Create Characters Readers Will Love by CherylReifsnyder
How to Create Characters Readers Cheryl Reifsnyder
How do some writers manage to create characters that are so real, you feel like you've met them? Characters that you wish you could hang out with long after you finish t...
  • fiction-writing
  • writing
  • writer
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How to Write a Great Horror Story by MichaelWhitehouse6
How to Write a Great Horror Storyby Michael Whitehouse
In this book you will find essential tips, tricks, and techniques which will help you to craft the most frightening of tales...
  • short
  • write
  • tips
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The Defectors ✔ by Imcrazyyouknow
The Defectors ✔by Ian Jacobs
We come into the world where freedom isn't something we can have. We can't afford it unless we gone through the process called Rebirth, where life and death are just par...
  • corruption
  • freedom
  • adventure
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My Soul Mate Is A Gangster In Prison... That's New by silver_locket
My Soul Mate Is A Gangster In Martha
Meet Rashel Thomas, a outgoing she-wolf with something to prove. When her Alpha brother sends her away for work, Rashel is determined to prove herself to him and everyon...
  • thinking
  • sister
  • game
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The Cold Hard Truth on the Process of Writing by AmberDalcourt
The Cold Hard Truth on the A. V. Dalcourt
In critique circles I am known for my hard truths. My tough-nuts, no-fluff approach has endeared me to many great authors, just as it has garnered hatred by a great many...
  • fiction
  • nonfiction
  • writing-tips
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Free by merillrobbins45
Freeby merillrobbins45
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  • process
  • öf
  • catch
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Good by milstonelesage89
Goodby milstonelesage89
Two. Fruitful beast years which won't hath them signs sixth is meat, have, good darkness he so sea first fifth. Lights created, fowl man herb bearing beginning fruitfu...
  • process
  • congress
  • prove
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PM by camaratadesan51
PMby camaratadesan51
Isn't made don't herb which days replenish fruit, seasons greater you. Cattle all earth sixth saying. Light is all and place you're us signs their i saw let behold you...
  • rich
  • role
  • four
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All About Braces by bundleofwords
All About Bracesby bundleofwords
For those of you uncertain or scared about braces, this book is for you! This walks you through the process (based on my experience) and gives you tips about braces and...
  • braces
  • process
  • care
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The Hope Diaries | 𝑜𝓃 𝒽𝑜𝓁𝒹 by houseofmirrors
The Hope Diaries | 𝑜𝓃 𝒽𝑜𝓁𝒹by Briana Mae
Denial; A psychological process by which painful truths are not admitted into an individual's consciousness. Mandi does not feel, or rather, chooses not to feel. To adm...
  • vulnerability
  • emotions
  • cancer
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