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I DONT NEED SAVING by themeentalist
I DONT NEED SAVINGby themeentalist
Lisbon suffers and accident, and jane agrees to take care of her, they have a wonderfull night together... will this bring cosequences? will this leave Lisbon in a terri...
One Shots for Everyone by LetsRunAway7901
One Shots for Everyoneby LetsRunAway7901
My personal collection of one shots, ranging from TV shows, books, and movies to video games and anime. I have a couple of super mainstream fandoms but also a few that h...
Patrick Janes Daughter by eblonde121
Patrick Janes Daughterby Jess
When a young girl walks into the CBI claiming to be Jane's daughter, how will he cope and who will be there for him when his world comes crashing down around him? -Jisbo...
The Mentalist - What if?  by hamstergirl1989
The Mentalist - What if? by hamstergirl1989
What if Lisbon's breakdown in series 2, episode 3 'Red Badge' wasn't because she was been drugged? What if something else had caused her to snap and the only person tha...
Sick of Love (A Mentalist/Jisbon Fanfiction)  by Skyrezo
Sick of Love (A Mentalist/Jisbon inactive !
Once upon a time, an agent named Lisbon fell in love with a cheeky consultant named Jane. Despite their effort to keep their relationship a secret, everyone found out an...
Peter by thementalistgirl
Peterby thementalistgirl
A teen pregnancy lead Lisbon to give her son up for adoption when she was only 16.
Wonder ~ Patrick Jane "the Mentalist" One-Shots by immapascalalorian
Wonder ~ Patrick Jane "the immapascalalorian
One-Shots of Patrick Jane, everyone's favorite Mentalist working with the CBI. He's charming and you can't help but want to slap him but hopefully you enjoy this 'x fem...
Can you Guess? by Shipper102002
Can you Guess?by Shipper102002
Lisbon and jane have just come back from their honeymoon in Italy, and have to go back to work. They decide that they will give the members of CBI a test to see how good...
Scarlet Womb - The Mentalist by okdemigod
Scarlet Womb - The Mentalistby michael denton
Season six how it should have ended
Rubik's Cube by MapleJelly
Rubik's Cubeby MapleJelly
Mentalist AU - Lisbon has to care for her niece whilst her dad is in hospital. Unfortunately, Cobie isn't like your average eight year old, and her strange quirks often...
Loving Him by inspiredcoffeelover
Loving Himby Kat
WARNING: SET AFTER SEASON SIX. DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE SEEN SEASON SIX. THIS IS A CLEAR WARNING! What if Lisbon had left for DC and married Pike? What if he'd cheate...
We Both Need Saving (Patrick Jane x Reader) by thebleedingraven
We Both Need Saving (Patrick thebleedingraven
A young 27 year old (Y/N) has been a close call homocide victim, getting saved just in the nick of time. Knowing this life or death experience, (Y/N) goes into a state o...
On the run (Mentalist Fanfiction) by Skyrezo
On the run (Mentalist Fanfiction)by inactive !
The team is so close to catch Red John. Too close. That's why Red John kidnaps Teresa Lisbon. Jane's world is falling apart. Red John has killed his wife and daughter a...
MBTI and Fictional Characters by Team-SRDS
MBTI and Fictional Charactersby Team SRDS
Highest rank: #14 in Analysis I'll be typing some fictional characters using the MBTI (I know it has its weaknesses, but it's still quite useful). (I DO NOT take credit...
Hypnotized (A Jisbon FanFiction) by kindofeverybody
Hypnotized (A Jisbon FanFiction)by kathi
She looked through them and suddenly remembered Patrick's abduction. 'No. That can't be. He just got kidnapped, but that could have been anybody.' She thought and then s...
Memories ||The Mentalist (English) by GOLD3N_drae_eams
Memories ||The Mentalist (English)by Fiona
I woke up again, still with the worst headache. When I looked around the room, I realized that I was no longer at home but in the hospital. The door opened and Patrick...
Projekt Anfangsbuchstaben by Jennyloveswriting
Projekt Anfangsbuchstabenby Jennifer
Hi, also da meine andere The Mentalist FF so gut ankam dachte ich stelle ich diese hier auch noch hoch. :P Es ist eine challenge die ich im FF Forum eindeckt habe & ic...
She couldn't imagine waking up knowing that she won't see him by JLjisbon
She couldn't imagine waking up JLjisbon
When I saw Lisbon crying in 7x12 I could only imagine what she was feeling. And that's what I think she was feeling in that moment. I don't know if this will be a OS or...
The Christmas Eve by MaryDeLaVida
The Christmas Eveby Mary de la Vida
The CBI team receives a message that thoroughly upsets the planned Christmas. You can expect an exciting story full of unexpected twists. The short story begins on Chris...