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I DONT NEED SAVING by themeentalist
I DONT NEED SAVINGby themeentalist
Lisbon suffers and accident, and jane agrees to take care of her, they have a wonderfull night together... will this bring cosequences? will this leave Lisbon in a terri...
The Mentalist - What if?  by hamstergirl1989
The Mentalist - What if? by hamstergirl1989
What if Lisbon's breakdown in series 2, episode 3 'Red Badge' wasn't because she was been drugged? What if something else had caused her to snap and the only person tha...
the mentalist | niklaus mikaelson by CrissBiancaPuffy
the mentalist | niklaus mikaelsonby Bianca
❝My name is Athena Jane. It is my business to know what other people do not know.❞
White Rose by loreflynn
White Roseby Laura Flynn
Post RJ and pre-Pike. Jane 'tricks' Lisbon into going on a date. The two are quite happy until things take a turn for the worst no one was expecting. Told from both char...
Choose (Interactive Mentalist Story) by Skyrezo
Choose (Interactive Mentalist inactive !
"Make the decision, you either choose to stay with me; your loyal friend, or you go with ... him - the betrayer." "But I don't want to...-" "CHO...
Forget. You. by thementalistgirl
Forget. thementalistgirl
Teresa Lisbon finally snaps. Written by patrickscupoftea and thementalistgirl!
It's over (Jisbon fan fiction) by jisbonbunney
It's over (Jisbon fan fiction)by snappyt0es
What if Jane,after he killed Red John,never left? What if he lived with Lisbon? JISBON FAN FICTION.
On the run (Mentalist Fanfiction) by Skyrezo
On the run (Mentalist Fanfiction)by inactive !
The team is so close to catch Red John. Too close. That's why Red John kidnaps Teresa Lisbon. Jane's world is falling apart. Red John has killed his wife and daughter a...
The River With a Crimson Current-The Mentalist by Bethy1416
The River With a Crimson Beth
*Episode2* A Mentalist fan fiction which goes deep into the minds of CBI homicide agents. Including Patrick Jane(The Mentalist), Teresa Lisbon and the rest of the team...
Red Memories - The Mentalist by just_some_storys
Red Memories - The Mentalistby just_some_storys
One day an unknown girl came to Lisbons office. She was desperated and searching something. As Jane saw her he began to cry.
Marionette by thementalistgirl
Marionetteby thementalistgirl
Teresa's apartment had daisies everywhere: on the floor, in her garden, and flower pots brimming with them could be found in every room. This was more then an addiction...
We can't (Jisbon FanFic) by jisbonbunney
We can't (Jisbon FanFic)by snappyt0es
Jane got shot,and he was in hospital. After he get out of there,Lisbon called him to live with her. What wil happen when they realize that their feelings changed flr eac...
Amazing Grace-The Mentalist by Bethy1416
Amazing Grace-The Mentalistby Beth
*Episode3>SeasonFinale* A Mentalist fan fiction which goes deep into the minds of CBI homicide agents. Including Patrick Jane(The Mentalist), Teresa Lisbon and the re...
Scarlet Womb - The Mentalist by okdemigod
Scarlet Womb - The Mentalistby michael denton
Season six how it should have ended
Lost by WhitneyMiller7
Lostby Whitney Miller
After a big loss, Jane is going no where but down. His family and friends give him as much space as he needs. But after an unexpected case, Jane is on the edge of breaki...
Revenge (The Mentalist fanfiction) by jisbonbunney
Revenge (The Mentalist fanfiction)by snappyt0es
Jane and Lisbon have a 19 years old daughter. What will happen when Red John's son come? Read and find out! I DO NOT OWN THE MENTALIST!
Red Jane (The Mentalist One shot) by Skyrezo
Red Jane (The Mentalist One shot)by inactive !
Just working out the theory of Jane being Red John. What would've happened if Thomas McAllister wasn't Red John, but our own Patrick Jane? Just a oneshot. Hurt/drama/C...
Finding Red John by secretlyjisbon
Finding Red Johnby fangirling over jisbon in sec...
What if Red John wasn't Thomas McAllister? What if Red John was someone close to Jane?
Red John's Footsteps by Tublai
Red John's Footstepsby Sunrit Roy Karmakar
For the mentalist fans , 10 years after Red John's death at the hands of Patrick Jane , there is a murder. With all the features of a classic Red John murder , the poli...