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Miraculous Cruise by lucky_ladynoir
Miraculous Cruiseby 🐞
"Ships on a Boat" -multi ships \adrienette main/ NOT 100% COMPLETE (Not sure if I ever actually will finish this) Hawkmoth is fed up with waiting for his ships...
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What We Lost by DragonHeart167
What We Lostby Storm Queen
A magic school bus fanfic about a teenage version of one of the original kids and their new best friend, who happens to be a little bit more than normal. She's magic.
Scorpia's Instagram || RP by Scorpia-
Scorpia's Instagram || RPby Scorpia-
A picture prompt style She-Ra roleplay book! Mainly Scorpia, maybe I'll add other characters later. This isn't super NSFW, but I still don't want lots of kids running ar...
My Sister's Boyfriend by FallenAngelxox
My Sister's Boyfriendby Zoey L. <3
It may seem like the typical romance story, a shy unpopular girl meets the popular, bad-ass who turns out to be the man of her dreams and they fall deeply and immensely...
VAMPIRE-NINJA ▷ MB'S | ongoing by rorykeaners
VAMPIRE-NINJA ▷ MB'S | ongoingby rory joseph keaner || #00
❝i am a vampire-ninja.❞ ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ welcome to the mb's book of a real-life vampire; rory. (lowercased intended) ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ ©rorykeaners ©2018 (est.)
『 ɪᴛ's sᴏ ɪʀʀᴀᴛɪᴏɴᴀʟ 』 by BoyBonnie
『 ɪᴛ's sᴏ ɪʀʀᴀᴛɪᴏɴᴀʟ 』by вσηηιε тнε вυηηү
⦃ ʙᴏɴɴɪᴇ's мв / s ⦄ 《》 All art that doesnt belong to me is credited/has a signature already on the drawing! If a particular artist needs a piece taken down, please DM m...
This Is Me 4! by -KawaiiQueen-
This Is Me 4!by KawaiiQueen
I have wrote three books about my life, my experiences, my joys, and now I am writing another one. I hope you all enjoy the journey with me, because this is me!
MSB: Enchantment by andalasia_princess
MSB: Enchantmentby Princess Giselle
"How does she know you love her? How does she know she's yours?"
Sal, Sev and Shika. by ShikinaAino
Sal, Sev and Shikina Aino
The adventures of the infamous three kids of the S Family! See them wreck havoc in the household (well eventually they do) with the youngest, Shika, and her pet chicken...
My Sweet Bodyguard: A Nightmare Dressed Like A Daydream by ninja-shinigami
My Sweet Bodyguard: A Nightmare Mrs. Fujisaki
18 year old Ariana Hanasaki's life was saved by Sora, who was disguised as a girl. She then meets her cousin-in-law, Kaiji who she hasn't seen in years. Stuck between ch...
Blond Beauty by Snow--Flake
Blond Beautyby 🌼
Thoughts,friends, random, rants, gifs, photos, message board, Rp etc - Ashley Charming daughter of Cinderella brings to you my life - yes I'm the daughter of the woman w...
My Song Book by Kitty_kat37
My Song Bookby Kitty Kat
This is my song book. I hope you guys enjoy and like the songs.
My Stranger Boyfriend by samer_mint
My Stranger Boyfriendby kristhel
Ang tahimik kong mundo, magugulo dahil sa isang badboy at playboy na nakilala ko sa isang school na pinapasukan ko, pag gising ko isang umaga mahal ko na'to? paano?
Changing the Ink by 3RR0RStudios
Changing the Inkby Error Delta
It's just a message board. Idk what you what me to say. do I have to juggle? run a marathon? eat an entire cow? it's just a msb. hmmm. I'm gonna go juggle, later!
My Social Boyfriend by itsmesavia
My Social Boyfriendby itsmesavia
Isang babaeng napamahal sa lalaki na nameet nya lang sa Social Media... Forever nalang ba nya sa Media lang nakikita ang lalaking yun? Hmmmm.... Let's see.... Eto ay...
fuck вσч. [cσlє'ѕ ѕhít] by sinfulspirit
fuck вσч. [cσlє'ѕ ѕhít]by cσlє
α ѕhít αвσut чσurѕ trulч.
Stronger Than She Was: A Be My Princess x My Sweet Bodyguard Crossover by korsakovtk
Stronger Than She Was: A Be My T. K. Korsakov
Kiri Dubois is a maid at Noble Michel Castle. She works all day and goes to school at night in the hopes she may one day be able to return to her home country of San Lor...